Protecting the Privacy of Distance Education Students

Procedure for Protecting the Privacy of Distance Education Students

Lanier Technical College protects the privacy of all students, adhering to the same privacy standards for online students as it does for students studying on the campus, through strict adherence to the rules of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). The official FERPA statement is available for student view on the College's website, in the Catalog/Student Handbook, and on the Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS) main page.

LTC issues a unique username and password to each student upon enrollment and each College employee upon date of employment who is required to access the Blackboard Learning Management System, the platform the College uses for distance education. Blackboard is a secure environment where faculty members post course materials, assignments and exams, provide chat and discussion forums for their courses, and where students participate in forum discussions, chat sessions, upload assignments, and take quizzes and exams. The privacy of individual students' assessments and grades is maintained within the learning management system.

Anyone using Blackboard is required to have a unique username and password to access any learning management resources. Faculty are restricted to accessing information associated with the specific courses they teach. Students are automatically enrolled in courses through a batch process run by the Blackboard Administrator each semester and identified by their unique username and password. Students are restricted to information allowed by faculty members in courses for which they have enrolled and student-group related activities in a given course. Course and user profile information is not visible to anyone without an account. Authorized Blackboard users cannot view the profile information of other users unless those users give permission.

Secure Login and Password: Each distance learning faculty and student enters his/her username and password into Blackboard to gain access to authorized Blackboard learning environment resources. This combination of username and password identifies faculty and students to the system on each course visit. Upon initial login, students and faculty are given the opportunity to change their password. LTC keeps no record of the student's password once it has been changed. A lost password link can be emailed to the faculty's or student's email address if requested by the student or faculty member. Students are responsible for keeping their password confidential. LMS Password Resets are submitted through email to our helpdesk. To protect the privacy of students, those working the helpdesk are trained to reset the password to match the original login. This login is automatically sent to the student's secure LTC email account. If the request is received over the phone, the passwords are reset following the same procedure.

In addition, LTC uses an online account host (BannerWeb) to enable students to view their personal information, class schedules, final course grades, and transcripts. Upon admission to the College, students are assigned a unique username and password to access this information. Upon log in to their BannerWeb account, students are given the opportunity to change their passwords for security purposes.

Each student is assigned a unique student email address by the College. This student email system is maintained by the College and provides students with a secure login environment.

Lanier Technical College provides links to other websites that may be useful for our students and/or customers. Lanier Technical College cannot make any representation of guarantee regarding the linked sites, their content or their security. For your protection, Lanier Technical College suggests that you review the privacy and security policies of the company websites for each link.

Should your private information be compromised in any way, Lanier Technical College will inform you of the breach.