Grade Point Calculation Procedure

A grade point average (GPA) is calculated by (1) multiplying the credits for each course by the grade points associated with the grade earned, (2) totaling the points earned for all courses, and (3) dividing the total points by the total number of credits attempted.

The assigned values for the grades are A = 4, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1, and F and WF = 0.


Class Code Course Title Hours Attempted Grade Grade Value Quality Points
Math 1111 College Algebra 3.0 A 4 12.0
ENGL 1101 Composition & Rhetoric 3.0 B 3 9.0
ACCT 1100 Financial Accounting 4.0 F 0 0
PSYC 1101 Introduction to Psychology 3.0 C 2 6.0
27.0 Quality Points divided by 13.0 Hours Attempted equals a GPA of 2.08

The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is an attempt to reflect the total credit instructional activity of the student. It is recalculated after each semester to include the current semester's grade(s). The CGPA is not affected by program of study, changes in program of study, or student classification. The cumulative grade point average is that grade point average calculated on all attempts at all credit courses taken at the Technical College.

The Graduation Grade Point Average calculation includes only those courses required for graduation. When a course is taken more than once, the final or highest grade will be used in calculating the grade point average for graduation. A.2.0 grade point average is needed for graduation.

The Semester Grade Point Average is that average calculated based on all credit courses taken each semester at the Technical College.

If a student completely withdraws from courses after being called to military duty, the course registration status is recorded as 'WM' for 'Withdraw Military'. The 'WM' code will have zero credit hours and zero billing hours associated with it.