Credit Hour Enrollment Policy and Procedures

Students who are enrolled in twelve (12) credit hours are considered full-time; however, students may enroll in additional credit hours. In order to prevent students from enrolling in excessive hours that may jeopardize their success, any student who wants to enroll in more than eighteen (18) credit hours must have written permission from the Vice President of Academic Affairs (VPAA).

The VPAA's decision to approve additional hours may be based on student's academic history, employment commitments, family obligations, etc. For students enrolled in more than eighteen (18) credit hours, contact hours should not exceed thirty (30) hours weekly.

Credit Hour Enrollment Procedures

Any student who needs to exceed 18 credit hours should contact (via E-mail, in person, telephone, etc.) the Vice President of Academic Affairs. The student's advisor may also contact the VPAA on behalf of the student.

  • The student or advisor should request permission for the student to take additional hours, specify the total number of hours that he/she plans to take, and provide his/her student number and a justification for requesting permission to take additional credit hours.
  • In the event the appropriate Vice President is unavailable, the appropriate Dean of Academic Affairs may approve the credit hour overage.
  • If the Vice President or Dean approves the overage, he/she will contact the Office of the Registrar (preferably via E-mail message) with the student's name, identification number, and approved maximum number of hours.
  • The Office of the Registrar staff will enter the approved hours in Banner within 24 hours of receiving the approval.
  • The student may then register via Banner Web for the total hours approved.