Emergency Procedures

Emergency Guidelines for Students are available in all classrooms on each site.

Emergency Evacuation: During emergencies, all individuals should proceed as directed by an instructor, administrator or punlic safety office. No students to should go to their automobiles or attempt to remove them from the parking lot unless directed to do so. All traffic lanes must be clear for emergency vehicles and traffic.

The primary and secondary routes for emergency evacuation in case of fire are posted in each location. Students should become familiar with exit routes.

Fire/evacuation drills will be held periodically to familiarize students with the fire alarm system and evacuation routes. Fire drills will be indicated by a non-interrupted blast of the fire alarm. When the fire alarm is sounded, all students, faculty, and staff must exit the building immediately by their primary means of egress. If the primary route is blocked by fire or explosion, a secondary egress route should be used. Students will be notified to return to class by college administrators or designees.