Facilities Available for Rent

The College has spaces available for rent when not scheduled for College classes or functions. Charges to cover costs incurred by the College (i.e., security services, custodial services, etc) may be added to the rental fee. For information on renting these spaces, please see the information below.

Location Capacity Contact
Hall County-Lecture Hall seats 210 people 770-533-6920
Forsyth County-Meeting Room seats 80 people 678-341-6626
Forsyth County- Conference Center maximum capacity 1400 678-341-6619
Jackson County-Meeting Room seats 200 people 770-535-6270
Barrow County-Meeting Room seats 90 people 770-297-4513
Barrow County-Lobby Space maximum capacity 90 770-297-4513
Dawson County-Meeting Room maximum capacity 90 678-513-5201