Accidents, Personal Illness, or Injury

Any student who becomes seriously ill or who is injured on campus or at a college-related activity should notify his/her instructor immediately. In the event the instructor is not available, the student should notify the Office of Student Affairs. First aid supplies for minor injuries are available in many classrooms and laboratories and in the Office of Student Affairs. For serious illness or injury which prevents the student from transporting himself/herself to get medical attention, the instructor will call for an emergency vehicle (911) and then notify the Office of Student Affairs immediately. Members of the College Administration will aid in directing the emergency vehicle to the appropriate location and arrange for someone to remain with the ill or injured student so that the instructor does not have to leave his/her class unattended.

Accident Investigation

For every accident, an Accident Report Form should be completed by the student and instructor and forwarded immediately to the Vice President for Student Affairs who will forward copies of the report to the Administrative Secretary in the Administrative Services office, for the Safety Committee to review.