Institutional Refund Policy

Students withdrawing from a course by the end of the third instructional day of the term and no shows shall receive a 100% refund of applicable tuition (hours below the 15 hour tuition cap) and applicable refundable fees, excluding the application fee. Exceptions may be allowed for customized courses that do not follow the college's standard academic calendar. (Note: the first instructional day of a term is the day classes begin, which is not necessarily the first day of an individual student's schedule.)

Students who withdraw from a course after the third instructional day of the term shall receive no refund. Refunds are processed when a student withdraws from a course or the college, or is withdrawn from the college. The student is not required to request a refund.

Although there will be no refund of tuition and fees after the third instructional day, withdrawing students receiving Federal Pell Grant will have awards adjusted in compliance with the Return to Title IV Policy as outlined in the College catalog.

Unexpected closure of the college (for example, due to inclement weather) that occurs during the refund period will be taken into consideration in the calculation of refunds.

Some courses may be cancelled due to low enrollment. In the event of a cancellation, a student may choose to change to an alternate course or may receive a refund. Refunds due to a course cancellation will be at one hundred percent (100%).


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