Hardship Withdrawal Policy

Hardship withdrawals are limited to certain criteria which can include:

  • Hospitalization of the student or minor child for an extended timeframe.
  • Death in the immediate family only (spouse, child, sibling, parent).
  • Active military duty or deployment.
  • Being seated on a jury for more than three (3) days.

Important things to understand about a hardship withdrawal request:

  • If the normal withdrawal period is open, we will not accept a Hardship Withdrawal form and the student should use the BannerWeb self-service withdrawal process.
  • A narrative and documentation is required to be submitted with the hardship withdrawal request. If supporting documentation is not received, request will be denied.
  • If granted, hardship withdrawals must be done for ALL enrolled classes for a given term.
  • No refunds are issued and the grade of a "W" will appear for each course on the student transcript.
  • Only one (1) hardship withdrawal can be granted per student during their academic career at LTC.

Students may request a hardship withdrawal by completing a hardship withdrawal request. Hardship withdrawals must be submitted no later than 25 calendar days following the end of the semester for which the withdrawal is requested. The Registrar's Office will make a determination within 7 business days of receipt of the completed hardship withdrawal request.