Student Organizations

Student organizations provide a structure for students to grow, learn, serve others on campus and in the community, gain leadership skills, and enhance their ability to succeed at the college level and beyond. These organizations contribute to the development of a spirit of community participation and involvement on campus. In addition, students learn appropriate workforce skills in their leadership and campus service and training, which aid them in being productive and responsible citizens in their communities.

Procedure for Establishing a Student Organization

Establishing a student organization is rewarding and gives students the opportunity to take their educational experience to the next level. They learn valuable skills that they normally wouldn't get in the classroom. It also gives them opportunities to meet people from industry, fellow classmates, staff and faculty and often inspires them to do even better as a student.

There are certain procedures that must be adhered to when starting a new club. Listed below is a guide to get you started and support you in your endeavors:

  1. Establish the name of the club. Clubs & Organizations Application Form
  2. Identify a faculty or staff member that will serve as the advisor for the student organization.
  3. Write a brief statement of purpose for the organization. You will want to make sure the mission of the organization supports the mission of our college which is workforce development.
  4. Recruit a minimum of six students that will join the club.
  5. Once the steps listed above have been completed, notify the Vice President for Student Affairs via email and submit a copy of the information listed above.
  6. Once the Vice President for Student Affairs has reviewed the information, she/he will present it to the President's Leadership Team for approval. However, it may take time to get on the agenda for the President's Leadership Team since they have pressing topics they need to discuss.
  7. When approval is given by the President's Leadership Team, the Vice President for Student Affairs will submit the request to establish a new student organization to the Local Board of Directors.
  8. When approval is given by the Local Board of Directors, the Vice President for Student Affairs will notify the advisor for the new student organization.

Procedure for Awarding Student Activity Funds

Each spring, the Lanier Technical College Student Government (SGA) issues invitations to all staff and faculty for Budget Request Hearings. Expenses for events are documented by the staff/faculty on Budget Request Forms that are available on the college Intranet, under "Forms."

At these hearings, SGA Officers and Advisors may ask questions about "requests for funds" that have been submitted for the next fiscal year. Following this, a letter defining the amount awarded for each request is sent out by SGA to the staff/faculty who submits a request.

Any staff/faculty may come before SGA at any regularly scheduled meeting to request additional funds if needed. The members may vote at that meeting to award the request for additional funds or the request may be denied or tabled for further discussion.

Procedure for Fund-Raising Events

All fund-raising events or activities associated with Lanier Technical College must have prior approval from the President. The student organization's faculty or staff advisor will provide the Fundraising Policy and Fundraising Request Form to the event or activity's organizer. The Fundraising Request Form must be completed and signed by all indicated parties before the event can take place.

ASN Student Leadership

ASN Student Leadership is open to all students in the ASN program. Student leaders advocate for all represented members, and learn to communicate effectively, exhibit and demonstrate ethical behavior, establish healthy coping mechanisms, and manage conflicts. These interactions build a sense of community and help to ensure the highest quality of nursing education, transformational leadership, and social responsibility for all ASN students.

For more information, contact Joan Gebhardt at

Club HIP

The Club HIP (Health Information Professional) is open to students enrolled in the Health Information Management Technology (HIMT) and Healthcare Management Technology (HEMT) programs. The purpose of Club HIP is to provide a social setting for HIMT and HEMT students to better understand the Health Information Management profession, to provide career support, and discuss the unique demands on the path to graduating and obtaining credentials.

Club HIP provides a setting to expand educational, career, and social boundaries through networking opportunities with peers, potential employers and through community service. The club is also involved in raising funds in order to attend professional HIM meetings, conferences and other events that will expand the student's knowledge of the field and help develop networking skills. Finally, Club HIP strives to improve the management and leadership skills of its members.

For more information, contact Annette Baker at

Collegiate FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)

FBLA Collegiate is the collegiate division of FBLA and is dedicated to inspiring and developing the next generation of leaders by preparing members for careers in business and business-related fields.

ABOUT FBLA Collegiate

There are core themes that run throughout the FBLA Collegiate Roadmap. These themes are:

  • Honing 21st century skills
  • Developing individual vision and personal brand
  • Building relationships with mentors in the business community
  • Being a mentor to someone else
  • Networking and completing internship experiences
  • Understanding that business principles are a part of every sector


By the end of their FBLA Collegiate experience, it is the goal that every member will:

  • Demonstrate the ability to lead a team by bringing out the best in team members
  • Understand the business development cycle
  • Develop a personal brand

Collegiate FBLA Advisor: Debbie Pruitt, Career Services Coordinator

Co-Advisor: Rushia Cooper, Business Tech. & Business Mgmt. Instructor


Georgia Occupational Award of Leadership is a recognition program jointly coordinated by Chambers of Commerce, businesses, and the Technical College System of Georgia. Its purpose is to honor outstanding technical education students. The GOAL winner serves as the statewide student of the year and ambassador for technical education in Georgia.

For more information, contact Debbie Pruitt at

Interiors Club

The Interiors Club is open to all students enrolled in the Interiors program. The club's mission is to empower students to achieve greatness within the Interior Design industry. The club's overall goals are to foster career development, collaboration, and mentorship between under and upper classmen, as well as inspire passion for Interior Design. These goals are accomplished by building on the foundation of education, hands on experience, workforce development, and leadership. Some of the events that the Interiors Club sponsors or is currently involved with include volunteering and networking at the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Designer Showhouse, decorating Christmas trees across the Hall and Forsyth campus, and contributing to the Good Samaritan Food Drive.

For more information, contact Loren Armour at

Lanier Motorsports Club

Lanier Motorsports Club is for students of Lanier Tech to have a forum to organize, volunteer, and participate in Motorsports related events. These opportunities provide students with real world motorsport experience and networking that they can apply to future careers, as well as an opportunity for students who aren’t involved in motorsports to experience the world of racing. It is our intent to campaign (when possible) a road racing car at local Road Atlanta events with club member support and advisor guidance.

Please contact Steve Koen at or John Leverett at for more information.

MAPSO (Military and Public Safety Organization)

MAPSO is a club designed to provide a network of support and resources to military members, members of public safety (Firefighters, Police Officers, EMT/Paramedics, Dispatchers, Emergency Managers), and their families. The vision of MAPSO is to educate the college community about military and public safety members' experiences and support our community through acts of service.

If you have any questions or want to get involved, don't hesitate to get in touch with Karen Nowakowski (, Clint Powell (, or Christina McRee ( for more information.

National Technical Honor Society

Lanier Technical College National Vocational Technical Honor Society is an organization for outstanding students enrolled in technical programs. The purpose of the organization is to encourage academic excellence, skill development, honesty, service, leadership, citizenship, and individual responsibility.

For more information, contact Vanessa Jones (Advisor), Kim Duncan (Co-Advisor) and Sal Talluto (Co-Advisor) at

  • Enrolled in a part-time or full-time degree or diploma program
  • Overall GPA 3.0
  • $35 one-time application fee
  • Completed a minimum of 30 credit hours
  • Attend monthly meetings

Radiologic Technology Club

The radiologic technology club is open to any student accepted into the program. The intention of the club is to motivate students while providing social, professional and scholastic support. The club is also involved in raising funds in order to attend professional radiologic technology conferences and other events that will expand the student's knowledge of the field.

For more information, contact Robert Wells (Advisor) at or Erika Bongart (Co-Advisor) at


Formerly known as Vocational Industrial Clubs of America (VICA), Skills USA is a club for trade, industrial, technical, and health occupation students. Skills USA offers leadership, citizenship, and character development progress to complement skill training. Skills USA brings together people who share common interests and exchange ideas. Members may earn recognition through school, state, and national awards and contests.

For more information, contact Kari Register at or Beth Hefner at

The Student Dental Hygienist Association

The Student Dental Hygienist Association (SADHA) is open to students enrolled in the Dental Hygiene program. Members of SADHA meet to discuss the unique demands and experiences student dental hygienists encounter on the road to graduating and obtaining licensure. The goal of SADHA is to empower, support, and develop student members, by offering opportunities for personal and professional development, leadership, and recognition of achievements.

For more information, contact Vanessa Jones (Advisor) at or Natalie Jones (Co-Advisor) at

Student Government Association

Student Government Association membership is open to all students from any program. Membership is based on good academic standing, leadership skills, and organizational ability. Persons desiring to participate in the Student Government should attend at least 2 meetings in order to become a member. This club acts as a central hub of communication and connection on all Lanier Tech campuses. It gives students a voice, connects them with one other, as well as with the administration, faculty, and staff. Every year, the Student Government is involved in multiple events and initiatives that they believe will enhance the student experience, such as distributing funding for campus events, student attended professional conferences, tutoring services, food and toy drives, and workshops; to name a few. SGA exists for the students, is run by students, and seeks to enhance student life here at Lanier Technical College.

Current SGA Student Officers 2022-2023
President –Meadow Long
Vice President – Corina Lutenco
Secretary – Jutzil Poblete
Historian – Aurora Gutierrez 

Contact the SGA Advisors for more information: Megan Whitworth at or Allison Haynes at